A healthy ocean is vital to human health, security, and prosperity

Ocean Elders serves as a catalyst for the protection of the ocean and its wildlife. At the core of our efforts is the active championing for the creation or expansion of marine protected areas that are critical to both the protection and the recovery of marine ecosystems from human impacts. The health of the ocean is directly linked and positively correlated to human health, security, and prosperity.

Protect 10% of the Ocean by 2020

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 14’s target of protecting 10% of the ocean by 2020 is an important step in protecting marine life, addressing pollution and ocean acidification, and reaching the objective of fully protecting 30% by 2030.

Fully protect the Arctic from Extraction

The Arctic is ground zero for climate change but remains one of the least protected and most vulnerable places on Earth. The melting of the Arctic ice makes fishing and drilling for oil, gas, and minerals more accessible and threatens fragile ecosystems.

Secure a treaty for the High Seas

The High Seas, 64% of the ocean’s surface and 95% of its volume,  are in desperate need of a new international treaty to protect marine biodiversity and address threats such as deep-sea bottom trawling,  offshore oil and gas exploration, and mining.

End destructive and IUU fishing
Illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing practices, including bottom trawling and bycatch, are estimated to be approximately 20% of the fish caught today and devastate marine ecosystems and ruin coastal communities reliant on local fish.

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