New England Seamounts

New England Seamounts

The New England Seamounts are an underwater chain of seamounts off of the coast of Massachusetts  with unique geological features that have been the subject of scientific exploration and discovery since the 1970s. These features include three underwater canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon, and four underwater mountains known as “seamounts” that are biodiversity hotspots and home to many rare and endangered species.  

In October 2015, Ocean Elders wrote to President Obama to “enthusiastically support permanent and full protection of the New England coral canyons and seamounts, including Cashes Ledge.” Dr. Sylvia Earle continued to actively lobby the Obama Administration for the creation of the monument, and Ocean Elders worked to support our partners, including Mission Blue and NRDC in their efforts.

On September 15, 2016, President Obama announced the creation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument.

Credit: Mountains in the Sea 2004. NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration; Dr. Les Watling, Chief Scientist, University of Maine

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